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Orthogonal ~ a podcast

Hear from the brightest minds in neuroscience and beyond at Orthogonal.  Find a new angle on science, spirituality, and connection, all in one podcast.

Kenneth Play

Both science and ancient spiritual traditions can be hard to understand. Chelsey translates both into accessible language, effectively revealing the secrets of academia and the secrets of esoterica. She somehow manages to never sacrifice accuracy while remaining relatable and kind through and through. But what’s most stunning about her is the way she embodies her practice; it has saturated her completely and it’s palpable. Chelsey is the real deal.


Dr. James Pfaus

Chelsey Fasano is a rare find.  She is ferociously smart and extremely well read.  Where many get lost in the details, she sees the “big picture.” She distills intricate and sophisticated findings in neuroscience and sexuality into simple – and testable – questions. She keeps me on my toes with those, and it is always the case that one answer will lead to many more questions. Her knowledge is that of a well seasoned colleague. Her thirst and enthusiasm for more is infectious. It is a rare pleasure indeed to have the chance to work with her.


Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

Chelsey is a brilliant neuroscientist, psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and tantra master all in one. Her thinking around consciousness and spirituality is some of the most evolved I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve been waiting for years for someone to research and explain the actual science behind more mysterious sexual practices and experiences like tantra or full-body orgasms, and I think Chelsey will be the one to do it.



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