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I'm Chelsey

I aim to create an intelligent conversation about spirituality and intimacy that helps people understand and approach concepts and practices in the most useful manner.

Intimacy - Becoming willing to show up to what is occurring in ourselves, each other and the world.

Depth - Orienting towards knowing things as deeply as possible in the moment.

Embodiment - Increasing awareness of and sensitization to the body’s signals.

Empathy - Learning to feel our own and others’ body-mind with a wide open heart.

Accuracy - Developing understanding that is based on real information which can be traced to reliable sources.

My primary avenue of interest is in the contemplative and mystical traditions. I have an extensive background in retreat-style meditation and the yogic arts. I began my formal study and practice of meditation at the age of 17. I initially learned meditation in the tradition of Vipassana, as taught by Jack Kornfield and others at Spirit Rock meditation center.

In my early twenties, I spent many months of each year immersed in classical tantric yoga and meditation at Agama Yoga in Thailand, where I did intensive personal practice and regular meditation retreats. In addition to my own thousands of hours of practice, I participated in over 1,000 hours of meditation teacher training with teachers at home and abroad.


After I returned to the United States more permanently, I began studying with Michaela Boehm, a lineage holder in a Tantric Kashmir Shaivism tradition. I’m certified in several of her teaching modalities and continue to train with her.

I work with sex educator Kenneth Play on the creation of hands-on, evidence-based modes of sexual learning, as his head of Research and Development. Together, we distill academic and scientific information about sexuality into usable advice and techniques.


My academic study occurs at Columbia University, where I research meditation, sexuality, tantra, and neuroscience. My interest is in finding the neurobiological correlates of body-based and sexuality-related spiritual practices, in order to understand more deeply how these practices can be applied to create more intimacy with self, others, and the nature of reality.

My concurrent study of body-based and sexual yogas, focused on sensitization, embodiment, and pleasure, alongside more traditional meditative practice, has informed me deeply about the nuances of practice and workings of intimacy with self and others. My practice in these traditions now spans over seventeen years, more than half of my lifetime, including several years of substantial, almost exclusive focus. 

Additionally, I am passionate about understanding the brass tacks of psychology, sexuality, and spirituality. I believe strongly in having clear, frank methods of addressing both mystical and sexual experiences, combining the deeply emotional experiences that occur inside of the body in these realms with their practical consideration.



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