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Learn the mechanics and arts of emotional and sexual connection.

  • Get to know each other and explore working together.

    15 min

    25 US dollars
  • One hour of deep work on and guidance towards your goals.

    1 hr

    300 US dollars

In my counseling,

I bring a mixture of Eastern and Western techniques and theories to assist clients to look at their goals or issues from multiple angles. I teach a variety of skills to deepen or enhance existing intimate relationships as well as spiritual and sexual solo practices to create intimacy and connection with oneself. In addition, I educate clients on practical sexual techniques, providing frank, approachable, sex-positive advice about the brass tacks of sexuality. Most importantly, I tailor my approach to the client and their goal, applying frameworks and practices that are appropriate to the situation and person.


Shelley Hanna

Talking with Chelsey is like breathing pure oxygen; conversations that otherwise might be something to avoid are suddenly easy, fun, and invigorating. There is a simplicity in her wisdom and clarity in her perception that has helped me access a deeper sense of belonging and delight.


Ryan Cheney

Great meditation teachers and counselors create exceptional spaces for people; spaces marked by welcoming presence, understanding, and compassion. They offer guidance with great fullness. Chelsey is exceptionally gifted in these areas. On a foundation of intelligence, curiosity, and playfulness, she's built an impressive understanding of how people work.  She’s frequently so insightful in our conversations that I find myself caught off guard by her capacity to view situations from fresh perspectives. She meets people with a radiant glow of love, an open heart, great awareness, and skillful guidance.


Chelsey Kapuscinski

Chelsey has gifts that are rare in this world; she is able to hold space through the most emotional moments, listen with compassion, and share insights that help establish clarity in one’s life. She is deeply knowledgeable about sex, meditation, and spirituality, combining these fields of study into a taboo-busting web of inspired everyday practicality.

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