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The Neuroscience of Arousal

Join Kenneth Play and I as we discuss the neurobiology of desire with renowned scientist Dr. James Pfaus, an internationally known expert of the neurobiology of desire. Learn practical information about how sexual arousal functions in the mind and body. Identify your unique erotic landscape, and understand how desire fluctuates in relationship to inhibition.

Beyond Satisfied

Kenneth Play and I have developed a private coaching program based on his new book, Beyond Satisfied. In it, we combine his personal training and sex coaching background with my training in yoga, meditation, and tantra, to help you acquire practical skills and deepen your capacity for connection.

Sex Hacker Pro

My colleague, Kenneth Play, is an international expert on female pleasure who was named the World’s Greatest Sex Hacker by GQ & Men’s Health. After his 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, he leveraged the best of the fitness education model to re-envision sex education, and has now helped millions of men gain sexual competence through rapid skill acquisition. His newest course, Sex Hacker Pro, features 70+ videos and over 12 hours of content, and was described by AskMen as having “at least one nugget of sexual learning you’ve almost certainly never encountered before, if not several.

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