We interview buddhist scholars, neuroscientists, sexual scientists, spiritual teachers, and other experts, with an eye towards finding fresh angles on these complex phenomena.

In each episode, we bring to light new ideas and speak to inspiring thinkers in the hopes of bringing accuracy, nuance, depth, and perspective to topics such as tantra, meditation, intimacy, and enlightenment.


We aim to bridge ancient practices with modern empirical findings and critical analysis, giving you the best of both worlds, to achieve maximum comprehension, efficacy, and utility.

Upcoming Episodes

Hitchhiking Out Of Meditation Retreats, Hand Holding, And Rocking Out 

Michael Hewett

The Neuroscience Of Tantra, Orgasms Under Hypnosis, And The Muscle Memory of The Heart

Dr. James Pfaus

Knowing Your Insides, Morning Coffee, And What An EEG Machine Can Tell Us About Becoming One 

Dr. Barry Komisaruk

Orthogonal ~  a podcast

Chelsey Lee Fasano and Owen Muir MD team up to explore the intersection of spirituality, sexuality, and science.

Become close with clarity, pleasure, and love.
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